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Monday, December 22, 2014, 1:20 am
Welcome to mapbangla

Nowadays improvement of a country depends on technology exploitation. At present most of the arenas of technology refers to digital technology as well as Information Technology (IT). IT sector is considered as the new age weapon to chase the challenging issues like poverty, unemployment and so on. IT sector of Bangladesh is extremely potential but its achievement is not prominent. At present people of Bangladesh is realizing the importance of information. Our Honorable Prime Minister and her Government are trying to implement a digital Bangladesh which will give ease of access to electronic media. The world is becoming a Digital Planet. Developed countries are improving themselves to achieve the robot-age. Almost every locality is running to become a knowledge based society by 2015. People of Bangladesh want to participate significantly in this race. We must build a Digital Bangladesh and establish a knowledge based society within 50 years of our independence in 2021. It is a timely expectation for proper positioning the country among other hi-tech countries globally. A country goes digital means it will be in an e-state i.e. all its activities of governance, commerce, education, agriculture etc. will be powered by IT to increase production and handiness. In latest news & top news section of, different types of latest news on current and popular issues like climate change, disaster etc. is being presented. Links with different reliable web pages is being given so that users can collect more information. Especially this site contains a large amount of maps of different place of Bangladesh and district wise local information, a lot of research summaries, bundle of tutorials and training materials, sequential updates of jobs, opportunities, scholarships, information of admissions and a lot more. Hope this site will be helpful for tourism and emergency relief operation.So click on and explore digital Bangladesh.